Travel with agrifoglio tour and discover the archipelago of Tremiti, the pearl of the Adriatic Sea.

Tremiti Islands, Italy’s wild paradise.

When visiting the islands one can trace centuries of stories and legends. From their strategic position in the centre of the Adriatic sea, they have long been a meeting place for rich and numerous cultures. The wild beauty provides spectacular scenery of the cristalline sea, where you will be enraptured by the beauty of the caves and inlets.

Guided Tours

Weekly exscursions

With the assistance of an expert guide you will discover the diverse history of the Island of San Nicola. Your guide will take you on an enthralling walk with art, history and nature. You will also go on a boat ride and discover marvellous seascapes. Free time is provided for lunch and a swim.

Discovering the marine park

Daily departures.

After you have arrived by boat at the islands, a private boat will be waiting to take you to admire the archipelago from the sea, allowing you to take in its breathtaking inlets and caves and to dive into the green waters of the marine park. Bring: A diving mask, snorkeling equipment and rock shoes. Book in advance.

This excursion is also available exclusively. 

Private boats available for the Tremiti Islands

Leave with Roberto from the Tremiti Islands

Daily departures - Max 5 persons - 2 hrs and 30 minutes

Leave with Domenico from Tremiti Islands

Daily departures Max 12/15 persons Duration: 4 hours

Leave with Sita from the Tremiti Islands

Daily departures Max 12/15 persons Duration: 4 hours

Discover the coast and marine caves of gargano with us

Gargano, with its imposing rocky mass, is the spur on the boot of italy that juts out into the adriatic sea, interrupting, with its tormented morphology , the monotony of the coastline. Sea stacks, imposing rocks, and inlets and bays of superb beauty are the result of limestone erosion. The numerous marine caves which often open up into large caverns with domed ceilings as high as 50 metres , are particularly striking . Inside, the play of light creates multiple reflections . From far it is spectacular to observe the overhanging white cliffs dotted with contorted aleppo pine trees and bushes of mastic and rosemary.

We can book:

  • Motor boat excursions , for individuals or groups, with departure from Rodi Garganico, Peschici and Vieste

  • Dinghies and private boats with a skipper for outings that last a half or full day.

  • Excursions in a gulet with lunch served onboard.

Private boats available to tour the coastline

Leave with Michele da Vieste

Leave with michele from vieste Daily departures 09.00-13.00 or 14.00 -18.00 With a swimming break 40 cv boat – max 6 people Dinghy 300 cv – max 12 people

Leave with Davide from Vieste

Daily departures Max 12 people Duration: 8 hours Lunch included

Depart by gulet from Vieste

Daily departures
Max 30 people
Duration: 8 hours
Lunch included