We are in Peschici, a splendid location on the Gargano coastline. For over 20 years we have curated the organisation of tours for individuals and groups who want to immerse themselves in the magical atmosphere of our territory. Agrifoglio Tours partners with agencies, tour operators, schools, CRAL and associations. Our experienced consultants will create an unforgettable travel experience that will remain in the hearts of our clients forever. Our motto is “all inclusive”. Using your request as a starting point we will be proud to create a holiday, be it a tour or a luxury trip, specifically for your needs. Whatever type of holiday you are dreaming of, we have something for you. Contact us today: we will take care of the rest.

Il Safari
nella Foresta Umbra

Together with an expert environmental guide on one of our off road Land Rovers, you shall travel along dirt tracks to visit pristine places and uncover a different Gargano, one that is usually not experienced by tourists.



Affidati a noi per la prenotazione del tuo prossimo viaggio: ti accompagneremo dalla scelta della destinazione migliore fino al ritorno a casa!



5 isole di straordinaria bellezza da visitare in barca per ammirare scenari di mare e roccia, insenature e calette.

Il Team

  • Giuseppe Fasanella
    Tour Guide

    Those that immerse themselves in the forest love and defend it and notice the effect of climate change. The trees are like thermometers, they measure the temperature of the planet. We need to listen to the forest, to contemplate it and protect it with love.
  • Antonella Vescia
    Tour Operator

    Dedication, pragmatism and a fierce love of the territory are the building blocks of my operation. The appreciation of my clients is my greatest source of gratification.
  • Grazia Fasanella
    guida turistica

    Caraibi?? No, Gargano!